Night filling station at foot of Fortaleza

Looking at Fortaleza from Chicala
Looking at Fortaleza from Chicala
All night filling station at the foot of Fortaleza, Luanda, Angola

Night Filling Station at foot of Fortaleza.
Fortaleza de São Miguel or Saint Michael Fortress was a Portuguese fortress built in Luanda, Angola.
São Miguel fort was built in 1576 by Paulo Dias de Novais. It became the administrative center of the colony in 1627 and was a major outlet for slave traffic to Brazil. The fort was for many years a self-contained town protected by thick walls encrusted with cannons. Inside the fort, elaborate ceramic tiles tell the story of Angola from early years, and in the courtyard are large, imposing statues of Portugal’s first king, the first European to reach Angola, Diogo Cão, renowned explorer Vasco da Gama and other notables.] Until 1975, the fortress served as the headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Portuguese Armed Forces in Angola.
Today, it holds the Museum of the Armed Forces. Between 1938 and 1958 it held the Museu de Angola, until it was moved and renamed Museu Nacional de História Natural de Angola.

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