Welcome everybody!

Hello and welcome to my site which will mainly display my artwork.

My name is Ronan Cahill. I have painted and drawn since I was quite young. Expressing the world around me in line and colour has always been a deep need within me. I have played with oils, acrylics , charcoal, pastels through many years. The last year I have started to concentrate on watercolours. In particular I was introduced to white nights (St Petersburg) watercolours. These I found have quite suited the scenes which present themselves to me as I work in Luanda. Luanda is both an immensely interesting and colourful city. Green trees poke through most streets, the light reflects the ground beneath your feet, and of course the people are always colourful. My first Angolan painting was the tearing down Chicala painting inspired by the destruction of an area I pass everyday in the name of progress.

Take your time while you browse my paintings, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

sincere regards


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